The official name of this ministry is Passion for Mother and Child.
Our vision is to help single mothers to be self reliant, spiritually, socially,
economically and emotionally in order to give their children the best that they can
Our mission is to help single mothers create innovative solutions and make
informed choices to improve their lives. We motivate and encourage them to
achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment.
Our board consists of passionate willing and able men and women from all walks
of life who have a heart for single parents’ especially single mothers and are
willing to do everything for them to be transformed positively. It’s a ten member
board including the chairman and the founder who hold quarterly meetings to
deliberate on issues and bring solutions in the lives of these women and children.
The duty of the board includes:

  •  Holding quarterly meetings
  •  To set up funds for projects
  •  To make sure projects are ongoing

Membership is open to all single parents who need our assistance and you can be
a member for as long as two years by which we believe transformation would
have been complete.
Our operational areas include

  •  Teshie/Nungua
  •  Tema
  •  Ashaiman

To be a member, you pick up a form at no fee giving us all the
information that shows that you are indeed a single mother and will


need help. This is done to avoid imposters who take advantage of
organizations for their own selfish gains whilst the people that truly
need help are left out. You will also be called for an interview and if
you qualify, the following processes begin

  •  Counseling: new members will be taken through some few
    sessions to help them get over the pain, trauma (in the cases
    of rape) and frustrations that come along with being a single
  •  They are given mentors to motivate them to have a positive
    attitude that they can make it.
  •  Members are then interviewed to see where their interest is
    that is catering, hairdressing, Fashion, trading etc. so that we
    start processing them for that interest.
  •  Members are introduced to a group of women who have and
    share the same or similar interest as the new member and
    they start attending weekly meetings which includes having
    fellowship with God and with each other.
  •  The children involved are also going to be gathered for
    fellowshipping and given the needed support with their


The main activities of PMCM are the following:

  •  Provide counseling services to children and parents.
  •  Organize workshops, seminars, public education campaigns, and training
    programmes on issues critical to parents, children, and child workers.
  •  Train single parents in various professions to help their families
  •  Conduct research as a basis of promoting the quality of life for single